Who We Are

At Novick Group, we have absolute clarity about our role and relationship with clients. We sell commercial insurance and we provide an exceptional level of client service.

The agency began operations in January 1987. Since that time the firm has retained our focus on a narrow and targeted client profile, specializing in the nonprofit market and select for-profit clients (principally those with unusual or complex liability needs such as Directors & Officers, Fiduciary or Miscellaneous Professional Liability). We know 501(c) operations intimately. Few brokers can claim our experience and depth of knowledge, particularly with regard to some of the more complex types of liability insurance. Recognized for technical expertise, our reputation is as the "broker's broker".

Our role is to help clients better understand their own needs and, with our assistance, to help them make informed decisions around that understanding. Advocacy on behalf of a client…guided only by the best interests of the client, is the foundation responsibility of every Novick Group employee…

"...it's always been important to me that Novick Group "producers/CSRs" are not driven by the bottom line. We don't feel the need to sell insurance with an eye toward commissions or quotas, rather we can sell proper coverage. It enables us to form relationships with and provide service to our customers without the spectre of $. In other words, an "aggressive advocate".

- Gretta Palya
Novick Group employee since 1997

Licensed to operate in all fifty states we represent clients throughout the US. With the aid of carrier personnel and reciprocal relationships with other brokers, we serve clients throughout Canada, Europe, South America as well as portions of Africa and the Middle East.