ChamberGuard™ Travel Accident

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Travel Accident insurance is supplemental to not a substitute for Worker Compensation and certain types of employee benefits. Like Worker Compensation it protects insureds while on chamber business but can also be extended to include both business and pleasure activities.

What's Covered
Coverage options include: accidental death & dismemberment, excess or accident medical, medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. Policy terms can be written to provide business only or twenty four hour business & pleasure protection.

Who's Covered
The Travel Accident policy allows considerable flexibility in plan design. The association begins by defining discreet classes of insured individuals. Examples of classes for a typical association might be described as follows:
Class IAll directors, officers, committee members, former presidents and executive managers
Class IIAll division and department level managers
Class IAll other employees
Limits of coverage typically vary by class of insured.

Value to Chamber
For chambers that have significant travel requirements Travel Accident policies can provide a valued and cost effective supplement to existing Worker Compensation and employee benefit plan features. By including volunteer leaders the chamber is not only acknowledging the hazard associated with their volunteer service but may in fact be providing the primary layer of insurance safeguard (especially where travel is required overseas).

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