ChamberGuard™ Foreign Package

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Like the Commercial Package a Foreign Package bundles together a variety of different types of coverages into a single policy. Because the Commercial Package is limited principally to domestic operations* chambers with overseas activities must look to a separate form of coverage.

What's Covered
Much the same template of property and general liability coverage in the domestic Package is found in the foreign Package as well. An important enhancement is the addition of foreign Worker Compensation. Foreign automobile coverage is optional.

Who's Covered
Same as in a Commercial Package. Worker Compensation can be extended to include (i) US nationals, (ii) third party nationals and (iii) resident nationals.

Value to Chamber
Due to the domestic territorial provision* in most commercial package policies chambers with routine foreign operations, frequent overseas travel or ongoing foreign operations require a Foreign Package to supplement the domestic policy safeguard.

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*territorial provision in most domestic policies is limited to US, Canada and US territories; incidental travel outside these areas is accommodated however claims for damages must be brought in a US court in order for coverage to apply